Without a doubt, buying a home for the first time is exciting.  It’s easy to let your emotions do the picking and  buy just on impulse.  Well don’t, there is much much more to consider than just that very nice oak tree in the backyard that reminds you of  your childhood or that house that boasts of a gourmet kitchen.  Ask yourself, have you taken everything into consideration?  Finding a perfect home that will meet ALL your needs is hard to find.  Anyone that tells you differently is lying.  The  home buying process can be stressful but the more informed and prepared you are the better.  Here are some things to consider before and during your purchase of a home.
1.    Understand how it all works. Home buying is a process. It’s not just picking a house and paying for it. Knowing the process will get you ready for all the other activities involved in obtaining your own home.
2.    Get a mortgage pre-approval through your lender.  Know for sure your capacity to pay not what you think you can afford. Set a price range for the house you are looking for. This narrows down the list and will  help you prepare for  the down payment and mortgage that there is to come.
3.    Checkout the neighborhood.  Make sure  you are  considering factors such as transportation convenience, schools, crime rate, development, views, etc.  The house itself is important but also check the environment/community on which it is built.
4.    If possible, interview the sellers about problems they had in the house like leaking gas, flooding  and if it’s a recurring problem or has been solved already.  Get a home inspection to check for pests, lead paint, radon, other defects.  This will  better prepare you for costs to fix problems or you can negotiate for a lower price.
5.    Get a Real Estate Agent Professional.  Good Real Estate agents will add extra knowledge and value to your situation so that  you can make the right the decision when purchasing a home. Remember this just maybe the biggest purchase of your life and small mistakes can cost large.
Those were just a few things to consider, but there is a lot more, trust me.  If you have questions, need advice or would like to start your journey on purchasing a home, call me or text me at 619.392.1550  or send me email at jmaruri@hlrusa.com.  Your inquiries are much appreciated and I would be glad to assist you, it’s what I do!