Hiring a Real Estate Agent when selling or buying a home can save you time, effort , and aggravation. Remember you are making one of the most important (and expensive) decisions in your life so you better find someone who knows what he/she is doing. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect agent for your perfect home:

·       -  Research on the type of agent you need. Read the news about Real Estate Agencies, there are small ones and large ones but regardless of what agency they belong to, the individual agent is still the most important. Check on the local community who has the most awards on customer service and you’ll probably get the same service that agent provided the other clients.

·        - If you’re selling a home- look for a seller’s agent. If you’re buying- inquire about buyer’s agents. These are the brokers who represent a certain interest in real estate transactions.

·         -Search for Real Estate Agents before searching for homes or properties. I f you look on advertisements you’ll be directed to an agent selling that home and it is most likely you won’t end up with the home you found on the newspaper instead you’ll be stuck with the agent selling that home who will give you counter-offers. By choosing  an agent first you’re sure you know who the real estate you’ll be working with in search for the perfect home. There are some who can create a personalized home search for you too.

·       - Look for experience and commitment. Tenured and fulltime agents can give you the best service, they are usually the most passionate in their field and has the expertise plus the heart in helping sellers and buyers. Select the agent who can work with your schedule. The more proactive the agent the better.

·        - You can always ask your friends and relatives for referrals but you also have to do the legwork in searching for the right agent for you.