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Posted by John Maruri on Tuesday, December 20, 2011, In : Real Estate Blogs 

Thank you to my clients who have trusted me to represent them and nominating me for this award. It is much appreciated and am truly grateful. I consider it a privilege to assist my clients. If you or someone you know is looking for a realtor they can depend on, Contact me today!
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5 Reasons Why Hiring a Real Estate Agent Important

Posted by John Maruri on Wednesday, December 14, 2011, In : Real Estate Blogs 
With almost everything already present on the internet, some clients may ask, “Why should we hire a real estate agent?”  For some it’s okay, but for many, they don’t. So if you’re one of the many who oppose, here are some reasons to change your mind.

1. Education and Experience

No need to know everything about buying and selling real estate if you hire a real estate professional to do it for you. Finding the right agent is the key.


2. Agents acts as Buffers

Agents either know...

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